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We can repair Curtains | Roman Blinds | Cushion Covers | Cushion Zips | Chairs & Seat Covers


In order to make your curtains look their best, it’s essential to make them fit right. If you have got ready-made curtains or recently moved home and your curtains do not fit we can alter them for you.

The most common alterations are;

  • Shortening

  • Lengthening (if possible)

  • Cutting one curtain into two

  • Joining two curtains into one


If your curtains and roman blinds need to be repaired in any way, we are here to help.


The most common repairs are followings;

  • Relining, over the time curtains, linings get perished and faded where they are exposed to strong sunlight. Curtains can be relined with a good quality cotton lining or blackout lining.

  • Turning Edges, the leading edges of the curtains are mostly exposed to direct sun and hence they get perished before the rest of the curtains. In that case, the edges need to be turned. The heading can be adjusted to get them to the same width as before.

  • Replacing heading tape

  • Resewing hems and edges

  • Repairing and replacing curtain track

  • Repairing and replacing Roman Blind mechanism

  • Repairing and replacing cushion cover zips

  • Reupholstering chairs and Seat covers

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